Going on Shoots

You don’t only have to shoot at your own club. As an NFAS member you will be able to shoot at Open Shoots put on by clubs all around the country. It is good to go to a course you are not used to, shoot with other people [some you may know] and even go with a few of the WFA club members to represent the club.

If you want to go to shoots look at the NFAS website Shoot dates. As a member you will have a log on. Make sure you have your NFAS membership card ready. Contact the club and get involved.

Be aware of what to expect at their first shoot and ask someone for advice. Talk to WFA club members, many of whom would have been. Areas to be aware of are:

  • Suitable clothing; importance of hydration & food;
  • finding the venue; booking in/registration/card check/group allocation;
  • how to move safely around a course;
  • safety talk;
  • emergency alarms; practies on jumping and bringing in 3Ds;
  • Strategies/tips for findind lost arrows;
  • Safe retrieval of arrows from roots/trees/etc/ personal safety equipment;
  • Awareness of Lyme disease;