Bow Hunter

Below are details of the Bow Hunter bow style used in NFAS Field Archery.

Field archery bow hunter









A compound bow of any draw-weight may be used.

No sight of any description can be used.

The bowstring may be of different colours as long as the coloured strands run continuously
and evenly throughout the string’s length, but the centre serving must be of one colour. One
nocking position is permitted (which may be indicated by nocking points both above and below
the arrow).

Brush buttons and silencers are permitted but no other knots or attachments (in addition to the
sting serving) that could be used for sighting or location purposes are allowed.

One anchor point must be maintained throughout the shoot and no face or string walking is
allowed. No additional draw-checks can be added to the bow above the manufacturer’s
specification and any such draw-check must not be able to be used as a sighting aid.

Any arrow rest used cannot have an over-draw of more than 5cm (2 inches) behind the throat
of the hand-grip. This is measured along the length of a nocked arrow from the point where
the arrow touches the rest to the point vertically above the throat of the hand-grip.

A single stabiliser of any length is permitted.

No form of release aid is permitted. The ‘Mediterranean’ loose only is permitted.

No deliberate marks can be added to the bow that can be used for aiming.

No archer may refer to any memoranda which could in any manner be a means of improving
his/her score.