Compound (Limited)

Below are details of the Compound (Limited) bow style used in Field Archery.

field archery compound limited









A compound bow of any draw-weight may be used.

A multi-pin sight with up to five fixed pins may be used. None of the pins or sight block can be
adjusted on the course unless the archer suffers from equipment failure. No spirit level of any
kind is permitted. No additional deliberate marks can be added to the bow that can be used
for aiming.

Pinguards are permitted.

A peep-sight or kisser button is permitted but not both.
One anchor point must be maintained throughout the shoot. No additional draw-checks can be
added to the bow above the manufacturer’s specification and any such draw-check must not
be able to be used as a sighting aid.

Any arrow rest used cannot have an over-draw of more than 5cm (2 inches) behind the throat
of the hand-grip. This is measured along the length of a nocked arrow from the point where
the arrow touches the rest to the point vertically above the throat of the hand-grip.

Any stabiliser(s) or stabiliser system and/or dampeners are permitted.

No form of release aid is permitted. The ‘Mediterranean’ loose only is permitted.