Below are the details pertaining to the Crossbow class as determined by the NFAS.







A bow of any draw weight may be used, but not of compound design.

The crossbow prod can be made from any materials except aluminium alloy.

The minimum bolt length is to be 14″.

The bow must have a full trigger guard.

A manual or automatic safety mechanism must be fitted to the crossbow and be fully

The crossbow must be fitted with a bolt retaining clip.

No cocking aid, other than a foot stirrup is permitted.

A telescopic sight with adjustable focus is not permitted. A fixed focus magnifying sight
is permitted, including mill-dot markings on the lens. The archer must allow scrutiny of the
sight by any other archer or NFAS official, including shoot organisers and marshals.

A crossbow archer may only cock his/her bow at the shooting peg. Once loaded the crossbow
shall only be pointed in the direction of the target.

The archer must not use a rest of any description, which provides an additional point of
support for the bow whilst shooting. This does not include the archer’s own body.


A person under the age of seventeen who has with him—

(a)a crossbow which is capable of discharging a missile, or

(b)parts of a crossbow which together (and without any other parts) can be assembled to form a crossbow capable of discharging a missile,

is guilty of an offence, unless he is under the supervision of a person who is twenty-one years of age or older.