Below are details of the Primitive bow style used in Field Archery.














A Primitive bow is a bow made using natural materials only, although synthetic glues, finishes and string may be used in its construction. A cable-backed bow may include a natural or synthetic tensioning cable running along the back.

A bow that conforms to the NFAS Longbow class definition may not be used in Primitive class. 5
Crossbows may not be used in Primitive class.

The bow must be free of stabilisers, sights, or other features which could be used as a sight,
such as deliberate marks, bindings, or decoration.

A primitive bow may not include a cut away arrow pass or arrow shelf. No form of arrow rest
may be added to the side of the bow. Arrows must be shot off the hand.

The bowstring may be of different colours as long as the coloured strands run continuously
and evenly throughout the string’s length, but the centre serving must be of one colour.
Synthetic and natural string materials may be used.

One nocking position is permitted (which may be indicated by nocking points both above and
below the arrow). Brush buttons and silencers are permitted but no other knots or attachments
(in addition to the sting serving) that could be used for sighting or location purposes are

No additional vibration dampeners are allowed on the handle section or limbs of the bow.
One anchor point must be maintained throughout the shoot. Any form of hand loose may be
used including Mediterranean, two finger, pinch, thumb ring etc. No draw-checks of any kind
are permitted on the bow.

No form of release aid is permitted.

Arrows shafts must be of natural material, fletched with feather. Nocks to be self nocks or
reinforced with natural material. Plastic taper nocks may not be used.

No archer may refer to any memoranda which could in any manner be a means of improving
his/her score.